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Ultra high quality optical glass, and high tech nano-coating that repels water and smudges are just some of the innovative features of our GoPro ND filters and lens protectors. If you want no-compromise performance from your camera, you need some Camera Butter!

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Professional footage

Create videos that are as smooth as soft creamery butter!  Lock in your shutter speed. Rid yourself of camera jello.  Protect your lens. Create more cinematic video footage with ultra-high quality filters. 

Camera Butter filters are made from ultra-high quality glass, so you get the very best quality video out of your camera.

You can see them in action and find out what ND filters can do for your GoPro footage here.

  • This is an amazing, AMAZING product!

    -Joshua Bardwell
  • Now I see what all the hype is about!

    -Brandon Kelone
  • The most important piece of my GoPro kit

  • Amazing filters, even better customer support

  • GoPro Essential!

    -Stephen Weir
  • Love, love LOVE these filters!

  • I've been waiting for a product like this and they do not disappoint!

  • Exceptional Quality!

  • This filter is better than any other I've seen

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