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Camera Butter HALO 2406 motors

Camera Butter HALO 2406 motors

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FPV flying has evolved, and the gear that we use needs to evolve with us.  Our needs are different: We are carrying larger cameras,  we demand smoother flight characteristics so we can capture creamy smooth video, and we need motors that can execute maneuvers in a controlled, super silky way.

Can motors make you a better pilot?   But these motors can help you get the most from your skills.  

Camera Butter Halo motors are purpose-designed to have a torque curve, resolution and feel for butter-smooth FPV flying on a 5 or 6 -inch FPV drone.  These motors are fantastic for both freestyle and cinematic flying.

These are unlike other motors that you're tried: A larger stator design, larger stator volume and custom geometry increases low to mid throttle torque and response without sacrificing top end punch.  This helps by giving you:

  • More throttle resolution where you need it most to smooth out your cinematic flying
  • More power and control in the low to medium throttle for pulling out of dives smoothly for freestyle, without giving up top end punch
  • More thrust for carrying larger GoPros or larger batteries (6s anyone?) confidently and efficiently

"Torque at low rpm is critical for flight performance" - Chris Rosser

Available in 4s (2450kv) and 6s (1800kv) versions:

  • Titanium, hollow shaft for increased strength and reduced weight 
  • Modern uni-bell design
  •  7075 Aircraft aluminum
  • 9mm bearings
  • ~29g weight w/o wires
  • Solid core windings
  •  150mm 20AWG motor wire
  • Precision CNC bell for improved strength and balance
  • Strong, curved N52 magnets
  • 16x16 mounting pattern
  • Stator size: 2406

Made using Camera Butter HALO motors and Cinema ONE frame: 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jason H.
Amazing Motors

I got these motors to put on my Camera Butter Cinema One build. These motors are really great motors with plenty of power for my Cinematic LongRange build!

Matthew W
Smooth great motors!

If you are searching for a motor with a bit more power but like the feeling of 2306 motors, then I would grab these. Not only are they smooth and powerful, but they have a great amount of torque as well!

I've also found that they do a great job of lifting my GoPro in a way that 2207 or 2306 motors struggle a bit with.

Overall I will be buying these motors again! Since switching over to the GoPro 9 I've been looking for a motor that can deal with the added weight. So I will be switching out the motors on all of my 5-in quads to these.

Great motor!