Collection: ND Filters

Level up your video!

Camera Butter ND filters are made from pro-quality glass that has been carefully selected for the very best optical performance.   

Our stick-on filters are available for the GoPro Hero 5,6,7,8 and 9, plus the DJI Action 2 and use an innovative removable, re-usable adhesive around the edges.

The twist-on ND filters are available for the GoPro Hero 9,10,11,11 mini, GoPro Bones and the Hero 12.  They are made from super-strong Corning Gorilla glass and aircraft aluminum - they are truly "Made for Action"!

Also made from Corning Gorilla Glass are the clip-on filters and lens protectors for the DJI O3 air unit.  They made to fit tight enough to survive most crashes.

The Black Diamond universal filters are designed to fit in any mount that has a33x36mm filter slot.   And yes, they are also made from Gorilla glass.

These are the toughest O3 filters available!

You can find out more about what ND filters do (and what they don't do) and how they work right here.