About Us


Camera Butter is a family owned and operated business.

I started making Camera Butter ND filters because I couldn't find ND filters for my GoPros that had high quality optical performance, could be removed and re-used, didn't need any special mounts or brackets, and fit in just about every mounting system. There really just wasn't anything out there that I liked.

I have an engineering and photography background, which I used to start making them for myself - then friends started asking for them, and it just grew from there.

My first filters were made out of resin - they worked well, and were strong, but they didn't match the high quality that you could get on DSLR filters.  After a very long time assessing material samples, testing, re-working and prototypes, I finally came up with the current design: super high quality optical glass, a special nano-coating that repels water and fingerprints, and a custom-made adhesive that can be used and re-used.

After being asked by a customer if I could make lens protectors (for when he wasn't using a filter), I came up with the design for the Camera Butter Lens Shields - solid, high-strength tempered glass that is thick enough to be stronger than anything else out there, but retail the same excellent optical properties of high-end optical glass.  

Since then, we have expanded out product lineup a huge amount to include motors, frames and other goodies.

Absolutely everything we sell I have developed for myself first - I make most of our products with my family here in Canada (although prices are all in USD$) , where I obsessively fly FPV drones (here is my personal YouTube and my Instagram).  We ship both from Canada and the US.   I'm also a musician, and avid hiker.

Thank you to everyone who supports this endeavor - I truly appreciate the amazing support that I've received from the community. I would not be here doing this if it wasn't for you.

- Paul

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