Team Camera Butter

We are incredibly proud of the videos that have been made using our products., and it is incredibly humbling for us that some of the people who we admire most, and who are among best content creators in the world use our stuff.  Thank you so much to everyone.

Here are just a few of the incredibly talented people who use or recommend Camera Butter products:

Alex Vanover Alex Vanover (Captain Vanover)

When 2019 DRL World Champion Vanover is not racing on the flight deck, he’s traveling around the world to capture FPV content for A-list celebrities.

Vanover was the first rookie in DRL history to take home the DRL trophy, when he dominated the 2019 season, winning 40 heats.

Konasty Eric Konasty

Eric is a superb pilot, and entertaining FPV personality.  Part of Ethix, Eric rips up southern California, creates footage for TV and movies and publishes some super educational YouTube content.

Mr Steele Mr Steele

Steele Davis is one of the early FPV drone superstars, and one of the most skilled pilot sin the industry.  First making a name for himself - by himself, then as part of Rotor Riot, Mr Steele then went on to help found Ethix.  

Botgrinder Botgrinder

Doug Crasher is not only one of the FPV's most entertaining personalities, but is also a fantastic pilot - with a "passion for a thrashin'".

You can always trust that Bot will say it like it is.  He's also got a whole bunch of great signature products.

Joshua Bardwell Joshua Bardwell

The wise sage of FPV, Joshua Bardwell has helped the world build, tune, repair and make sense of FPV equipment.   Joshua has contributed an absolutely massive amount of content that is rich with tips, reviews, and general all-around educational information.

Justin Skinner Justin Skinner (itwillbefun)

Justin Skinner is one of the fastest racers in the world.  He is also tan absolute master of drone car chasing, and has also a winner of the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge.

Zoroe Zoroe

Zoroe is an artist, designer, graffiti artist, and professional drone pilot, and makes come of the most creative and interesting content around.  Even people who have never met him feel like he's a best friend.

Nurk Paul Nurkkala (Nurk)

Paul Nurkkala is Nurk, but also known in the FPV racing world as “Bulbufet”.  Paul was the winner of the 2018 Drone Racing League Allianz World Championship, has a rich library of fantastic YouTube content, and contributes to commercials, movies and more. 

Russell Spurlock Russell Spurlock (Top Gear America)

Russell Spurlock is an expert pilot who has been flying for over 20 years.  He creates creative drone shoots for Top Gear America and does everything from action sports and yachts to commercial real estate.

Benoit Finck Benoit Finck (Fincky)

Fincky is a pro drone pilot from France who crafts creative and stunning cinematic videos.  Benoit works as a full-time FPV pilot.

Albert Kim Albert Kim

Albert Kim combines a passion for drone with a passion for making videos, resulting in a huge amount of instructional content, reviews and tutorials dealing with multirotors, quadcopters, drones, airplanes, and other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). 

cricket fpv Corey Tapp (Cricket FPV)

Corey is from Baltimore Maryland and has been flying FPV since 2017. He manages to do some truly unbelievable tricks, dives and gaps and is one of the most skilled pilots around.

BubbyFPV Caleb Wright (Bubby FPV)

Although Bubby is only 17 years old, he is one of the hottest pilots around. He is part of the Rotor Riot crew, and flies with his own brand of super smooth flow

gab707 fpv pilot Gabriel Kocher (Gab707)

Gabriel Kocher, aka Gab707, is a swiss drone pilot based in Vancouver, CA, and the most internationally decorated drone racing pilot in Canada. He is well known for his unique video shots, capturing the world at a fast pace with very creative camera movements.