ND filter & Lens Shield Application Instructions

Problems with applying, image quality, filter not sticking or anything else?  Check troubleshooting in the FAQ.

If you need instructions for the GoPro Hero 8 replacement lenses, go here.

ND Filter and lens protector application instructions

  1. Thoroughly clean GoPro lens with the included wet then dry wipes or a microfiber cloth and 99% isopropyl alcohol. Remove any other coated lens protector as they may reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive (the ND filter will protect your lens).  Make sure that the lens is free of dust.
  2. Do not touch the back of the glass, and make sure the adhesive/back side of the filter glass is clean. It’s easier to clean while the plastic backing is still attached.  If the glass gets really dirty, you can completely remove the adhesive from the glass, clean the glass with tapwater, let it completely dry and re-apply the adhesive.
  3. Remove the backing from the adhesive around the edges. Make sure that you’re only removing the thin, clear plastic backing on the adhesive, not the black adhesive itself.  Don’t remove the protective plastic on the front of the glass yet.
  4. Stick the filter on the lens. If it isn’t straight, you can always carefully remove it and re-position.
  5. Give it a firm push around the very edges (don’t push in the center or you could break it!) to make sure it’s stuck on properly, and finally remove the protective plastic from the front of the filter.

When attached to the camera, periodically clean the filter with a soft cloth.  Make sure there are no fingerprints as they can distort the image.  The filter is nanocoated to resist water and oil, which makes them much easier to clean than regular glass.

Side mounts: If you have a TPU mount that opens from the side, it may be difficult to get the camera in with the filter or lens protector attached.  If so, put the camera in without the filter or protector and then put it on from the front with the camera in the mount.  If it doesn’t fit from the front, you may need to trim some TPU off to make it fit.

Removal and re-applying:

  1. Use your fingernail to pull the filter or protector off the camera.
  2. If adhesive comes unstuck from the filter or protector and stays on the camera lens, use your fingernail to lift it and stick the adhesive back on while you are removing the glass filter/protector. If the glass comes off completely with the adhesive left behind on the lens, just pull the adhesive off and carefully stick it back on the glass, making sure the edges are aligned. Both sides of the adhesive are identical, but remember what side of the glass it was on, as they are different and the adhesive will not stick properly to the other side (the non-adhesive side of the glass can sometimes  have a green tinge)
  3. Stick the filter to something clean (such as the inside of the plastic box it came in) for storage.
  4. Reapply using the same method you initially used.

Refreshing the adhesive:  The adhesive is an innovative re-usable custom-made adhesive.  If it gets dirty, you can wash it under tapwater, using your finger to get the grime off. You can do this while the adhesive is still on the product, or you can remove it if it’s easier for you (REMEMBER what side of the glass it was one, its important as it may not stick to the other side properly!) Some of the filters have a green tinge to the non-adhesive side.  You can also buy replacement adhesive squares at www.CameraButter.com.

If you need to clean the glass, use a soft cloth, or if that doesn’t work, use tapwater and a small amount of dish soap if needed (isopropyl alcohol can damage the coatings).