Hero 8 replacement lens instructions

How to replace the Hero 8 lens:

Note that opening up your GoPro in any way could void your warranty, and replacing the lens may affect the water resistance of the camera.  By installing your lens, you agree that if your camera is damaged by the installation or use of the lens, Camera Butter is not responsible.

Note that the wipes are to clean off the lens AFTER it's been installed.  Do not use it on the lens before you install it - especially on the back side.

1. Make sure your work surface will not get damaged by heat (use a piece of cardboard or something you don't care about on your table).

2. Protect the camera (except the lens part) with a piece of cardboard.

3. Use a heat gun to heat up the lens, moving it around so you are not pointing it at the same spot on the lens constantly.  If you use a hair dryer instead, you will need to put it very close to the lens to heat it up.

4. When the lens is not quite too hot to touch, take the pry tool and insert it between the lens and the plastic on the side (the right side of the lens is the easiest place).  Insert it about 2mm down and gently pry the lens up. It should come up fairly easily.  If you have to use too much force, it is because you need to use more heat.

5. Clean out any remaining adhesive from the camera.  You may need to use more heat if it doesn't come out well.

6. Remove the plastic covering from the replacement lens and the backing off the adhesive on the back.

7. Carefully line up the lens on the camera and push it into the opening.  Give it some really firm pushes around the edges to seat the adhesive, and you're done!

Watch the video for a demonstration: