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Glass Stick-on ND Filter for GoPro Hero 8/Hero 9

Glass Stick-on ND Filter for GoPro Hero 8/Hero 9

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(These are being replaced with our NEW upgraded Black Diamond Stick-on filters for the Hero 8/9 here.  Once these are sold out, they will no longer be available) 

Premium quality ND Filter for GoPro Hero 8  and GoPro Hero 9.   Available in ND4, 8, 16 and 32.  Also available in 3-piece multipacks: ND4, 8 and 16 or ND8, 16 and 32.  Producer pack (see below) is also available.

(These are not for the Hero 10/11 - Hero 9 /10/11 twist-on filters are available here: GoPro Hero 9, Hero 10, Hero 11 screw-on ND filters.)

Super high quality, stick-on neutral density filter for GoPro Hero 8 and Hero 9 made from top quality optical glass.  It uses a unique peel-and stick backing that you can remove and re-apply over and over. If the adhesive gets dirty, you can simply wash it with water to rejuvenate it!  The adhesive only covers the edges of the glass so it does not impede the crystal-clear quality.

Unlike other ND filters for the GoPro Hero 8/9, these do not need a special bracket or mount.  They are very lightweight @ 1.4g.

High quality, 1mm thick hardened glass that is nano-coated for:

  • anti-scratch
  • repels water
  • repels fingerprints
  • anti-reflection

Because it attaches directly to the lens, it fits almost all mounts.

Whether you are using the ND filter for FPV drones, mountain biking footage or other action video, this will give you that smooth as silk, cinematic motion and reduce or eliminate jello.

ND transmission:

  • ND4 (ND 0.6) 25% transmission  (cloudy, overcast)
  • ND8 (ND 0.9) 12.5% transmission (some sunlight)
  • ND16 (ND 1.2) 6.25% transmission (bright sunlight)
  • ND32 (ND 1.5) 3.125% transmission (very bright sunlight

The Producer pack contains:

  • 1 x ND4
  • 2 x ND8
  • 2 x ND 16
  • 1 x ND32
  • 1 x Lens shield (for protection when not using a filter)
  • 3-Pack of replacement adhesives
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Excellent filters and the best after-sales support.

I am an owner of Gopro Hero 8 and it has a big problem. You cannot use an ND filter when a Gopro 8 is in a media mod. However, this amazing Canadian company Camera Butter is the only producer of ND filters that can be stuck on a Gopro 8 in a media mod. Thumbs up. Their filters have finally made it possible to shoot cinematic Gopro videos in bright sun light with 24 fps and 1/48 shutter speed. Outstanding optics at an unbeatable price. In addition, the owner of Camera Butter is so friendly and helpful that he advised me on improving my 4K footage. I sent him many questions and he answered them all with very detailed analysis of my footage. No other producer and especially no corporation would do this. Therefore, I highly recommend Camera Butter products. The best.

Worked better than expected

Wasn't fully sold that this would work as I wanted but they are super high quality, and amazing value for money. Worth it 10/10

Motorcycle GoPro 8 Media Mod w/ ND32

I purchased an ND32 filter for my GoPro 8 with Media Mod. Filter works perfectly with this setup! Planning on picking up the other levels for various scenarios. But the added motion blur it provides plus boosts to color and contrast definitely makes these filters worth it.

Charles T
Essential for FPV flying

I attached the filter to a Naked GoPro 8 using a 3d printed bracket provided by Camera Butter. The filter provides cinematic look when shooting at lower shutter speeds/shutter angles. The motion blur is ideal while keeping subjects sharp when in focused. The ND allows the image to pop when editing in post. Colors come in vibrant and the overall image can be pushed into high contrast which is typically ideal when shooting dramatic landscapes. For the price, this is a steal. Definitely a must have in a fpv kit.

Wolfgang Weber
Great Glass

I purchased these for my hero 8 and they have worked amazing. I work in film/tv and they hold up well.