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Glass Stick-on ND filter for GoPro Hero 5/6/7

Glass Stick-on ND filter for GoPro Hero 5/6/7

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Premium quality ND filter for GoPro Hero 5, 6 and 7.   Available in ND4, 8, 16, 32 and 64.  Also available in 3-piece multipacks: ND4,8 and 16 or ND8, 16 and 32.  Producer pack (see below) is also available.

Super high quality, stick-on neutral density filter for GoPro Hero 5/6/7 made from top quality optical glass.  It uses a unique peel-and stick backing that you can remove and re-apply over and over. If the adhesive gets dirty, you can simply wash it with water to rejuvenate it!  The adhesive only covers the edges of the glass so it does not impede the crystal-clear quality.

High quality, 1mm thick hardened glass that is nano-coated for:

  • anti-scratch
  • repels water
  • repels fingerprints
  • anti-glare

Whether you are using the ND filter for FPV drones, mountain biking footage or other action video, this will give you that smooth as silk, cinematic motion and reduce or eliminate jello.

ND transmission:

  • ND4 (ND 0.6) 25% transmission  (cloudy, overcast)
  • ND8 (ND 0.9) 12.5% transmission (some sunlight)
  • ND16 (ND 1.2) 6.25% transmission (bright sunlight)
  • ND32 (ND 1.5) 3.125% transmission (very bright sunlight)
  • ND64 (ND 1.8) 1.563% transmission  (EXTREME bright sunlight)

The Producer pack contains:

  • 1 x ND4
  • 2 x ND8
  • 2 x ND 16
  • 1 x ND32
  • 1 x Lens shield (for protection when not using a filter)
  • 3-Pack of replacement adhesives
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nd filters

Love love love these filters! They hold up much better than flexible filament filters and are way eaiser to swap out! They do not scratch as easy and my footage looks great! Would absolutely recommend these if you want filtering without sacrificing quality!

Great product

This filter is better than any other I've seen. Clarity is really good, and the ability to easily remove it if needed is handy. I'd definitely recommend these to anyone flying FPV, or who just needs an ND filter for your GoPro!

Updated review

I previously gave these filters only 2-stars, but I realized that was unfair, as there's nothing wrong with the filters, they just didn't fit my application - and that's not the fault of the filter or Camera Butter.

Camera Butter worked with me in an effort to get the filters to fit, so they definitely stand behind their product.

Unfortunately, I'm still in the position of not being able to use them for the application I wanted, but maybe I'll find a use for them when I'm not using my GoPro on my quadcopters.

Best filters available for the GoPro session!

These filters are fantastic! I've been waiting for a product like this and they do not disappoint. High quality, easy application, not to mention great customer service. I haven't crashed and smashed one yet, so I can't comment on the durability, but definitely better than the sticky film options out there.

While I don't plan to remove them often, I was able to remove the filter, wash the sticky side with some hot water, blow dry, then re-apply. It maybe lost 25% of the stickiness, but still seems to be on there good enough.

Thanks for the review! Good news - The brand new v2 of the filters have a new adhesive that retains its stickiness MUCH better. You can even pull it off and wash it with water to completely refresh it.

Exceptional quality ND filter for GoPro session 5

The quality of the ND filter is really nice, it fits the lens of my session 5 perfectly and was easy to install. The glass is a little thicker than I would prefer and might get caught up on some 3D printed mounts on installation. On the reverse side of that the protection of the GoPro lens is extremely good. Another slight downside to the adhesive filter is removal if you want to use your GoPro for other activities or light conditions, you can remove the filter but I found it next to impossible to keep the adhesive clean of debris. It looks like the adhesive film could be removed tho and a 3D printed mount that can accept an external ND filter used instead. Overall I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another one.

Thanks for the kind words. The new v2 of the filters have a completely new adhesive, and only covers the edges. You can easily peel the adhesive off, and wash it with water to completely refresh it.