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DJI Avata ND Filter set - ND4,8,16,32

DJI Avata ND Filter set - ND4,8,16,32

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High quality ND filters for the DJI Avata drone - ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32.  These filters use a magnetic frame that keeps them securely attached and makes them very easy to swap out.

Made from high quality optical glass, the filters are nano-coated to repel water, repel fingerprints, minimize light reflections, resist scratches plus it makes them a breeze to clean!

These premium quality ND filters will help smooth out your video, add cinematic motion blur, and reduce "jello" from vibrations.

Includes a carrying case.

Note: This filter is only meant for the Avata, and does not fit onto the DJI O3 FPV air unit.

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