Camera Butter One Fpv Frame - New!

Camera Butter Cinema ONE Frame (5 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch)

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First batch NOW AVAILABLE in very limited quantities. 

You've never seen a frame like this - Designed to be stable, cinematic and easy to tune, this frame can do it all. 

Do you want a butter smooth 5 inch freestyle quad?  Use the 5 inch arms in X configuration 

How about a cinematic 5 inch with no props in view with low camera tilt? Flip the arms over and get a deadcat 5 configuration!

Maybe you want a 7 inch long-range efficiency monster?  Use the 7 inch arms in quasi-X configuration to squeeze every second out of your flight time

What about a full-on cinematic 7 inch without props in view with low camera tilt?  Flip the 7 inch arms over and it turn it into a deadcat 7!

Or maybe you want an 8 inch long-distance efficiency monster?  Those 7-inch arms will also fit 8 inch props in quasi-X configuration.

 The Camera Butter Cinema ONE frame is the result of countless prototypes and revisions to get everything exactly the way it needs to be:

  • Super solid due to the unique reinforcing piece that keeps all of the arms stable and locked in place. 
  • Split bottom plate keeps everything tight and reduces vibrations.
  • Strength where it needs it, but still light @ 109g with the 5 inch arms.  136g with 7/8 inch arms.
  • Arms can be swapped out (or flipped over to change configuration!) with just 2 screws
  • Arm screws are NOT used for the stack, keeping vibrations down to a minimum
  • Slammed design to keep in compact and strong, or you can use longer standoffs for more open builds
  • Lots of places for your components: 20x20 and 30x30 mount in the middle, 20x20 mount in the rear (fits a caddx Vista perfectly), and a second 20x20 mount in the front can be used if your camera is moved forward.
  • 16x16 and 19x19 motor mount configuration

There are free 3D printable mounts available for the GoPro Hero 8, GoPro Hero 9 and Insta360 One R 1 inch.

 Because the tolerances in the parts are very tight, this frame can be difficult to assemble the first time you put it together. although after the first time it's much easier to disassemble/reassemble. 

Made in Canada with high quality carbon.