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Camera Butter LUT Pack

Camera Butter LUT Pack

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Kick your creativity into high gear!   Use this collection of Camera Butter LUTs to easily create creative looks to your next video project.

The LUTs are 3D CUBE files, so they work on a huge number of video editors and color grading programs.  You can apply these color grades in Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro , After Effects CC, DaVinci Resolve, and more!

This color grading LUT pack is made for video filmed on your GoPro or other action cameras in "flat" color mode (such as GoPro flat), and includes 17 great looks, made specifically for FPV drones, mountain biking, roadway, water sports, travel, and everything else you film with your action camera:  Trees, mountains, water, rocks, grass, cinematic landscapes, urban, and more!

These LUTs give you a great starting point to create some truly inspired looks for your videos.

Important Notes

These are 3D LUTS (.cube files), and they are specifically created to apply to "GoPro flat" (or other action camera flat color) color space. You can of course use them on color corrected (e.g. GoPro color) videos, however they may look different than expected, and you will likely need to lower the intensity.

After you apply a LUT, you will likely need to make small adjustments to your exposure, saturation, contrast to get it looking how you want it to look. 

Most importantly, you will want to adjust the intensity of the LUT. Many LUTs will look too strong or too weak when you first apply them, so adjusting the intensity should be part of your workflow.

Shooting conditions like weather, brightness, location, colors in the environment, time of day, etc can vary which can dramatically affect a LUTs look. Some LUTs will work better (or worse) in various scenarios, so it is important to experiment with different LUTs, and get a feel for which ones work best for your footage and your style.

Remember, LUTs are just a starting point - the rest is up to you!

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