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Variable ND filter for GoPro Hero 9,10,11,11 Mini, Bones

Variable ND filter for GoPro Hero 9,10,11,11 Mini, Bones

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Variable ND filter that is continuously variable between ND2 and ND64 by simply turning the dial - Super convenient!

They twist on to the camera replacing the original lens glass - plus they are the same size as the original, so your camera can still fit into mounts properly.

Made from ultra high quality optical glass, these filters are perfect for cinematic video, or any time where the light conditions change - you don't have to keep swapping out filters to get the exposure that you need.

Compatible with:

  • GoPro Hero 9
  • GoPro Hero 10
  • GoPro Hero 11
  • GoPro Hero 11 mini
  • GoPro Bones

The glass is nanocoated to reduce glare, repel water, oil and to make fingerprints easy to wipe off. 

Note that these variable ND filters are not waterproof, so they are not to be used for underwater applications.

These units are high quality pre-production units.   We would love to hear your feedback as we continually improve the design!

These filters are more delicate that the fixed-ND filters, and should not be used in high-impact applications.  Are you looking for fixed-ND filters that are waterproof and made from ultra strong Corning Gorilla glass?   Find them here.

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