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Lens/Filter protector for GoPro Hero 11,10,9

Lens/Filter protector for GoPro Hero 11,10,9

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Protect your filters and lenses!

This 3D printed adapter fits over your GoPro Hero 9,10,11 or 11 mini lens or your Camera Butter twist-on ND filter, protecting your glass from impacts.

The little tabs on the top and bottom help avoid the glass on your lens or filter hitting against solid objects.   

This little device can increase the survivability of your glass by a huge margin.

The sides that slip over the sides of the lens are just over 0.5mm - thin enough to not interfere with most mounts.  It fits fairly tight, so you will need to stretch it onto the lens.

The protector for the  Camera Butter twist-on filters has "bumps" that fit into the indentations of the Camera Butter filters, keeping it on more securely. 

Best of all, you can get an ND filter protector for FREE with any purchase of a Camera Butter twist-on filter!  Just add it to your cart and it'll automatically be discounted.

 You can also print it for yourself - you can download the file here.

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