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ND Filters for de-cased/naked GoPro

ND Filters for de-cased/naked GoPro

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Do you want a high quality ND filter for your cinematic or cinewhoop?  Made from the same ultra-high quality Camera Butter optical glass as our other ND filters, these attach to mounts made for de-cased/naked GoPros.

Available in ND4, 8, 16 and 32, and in2 sizes:

Large (27.28mm x 27.28mm) for this 3D printable mount for the QAV-CINE Freybott frame

Large (27.28mm x 27.28mm) for this 3D printable case and these cases for a naked Hero 8

Small (28.9mm x 25.7mm) for this 3D printable mount for the BetaFPV V1 case

(If you are looking for ND filters for a GepRC Naked Hero 8, you can find the adapter here.  For filters that fit round-style mounts, see here, )

The 1mm thick hardened glass that is nano-coated on the front-facing side to reduce glare, repel water, oil and fingerprints.

ND transmission:

  • ND4 (ND 0.6) 25% transmission  (cloudy, overcast)
  • ND8 (ND 0.9) 12.5% transmission (some sunlight)
  • ND16 (ND 1.2) 6.25% transmission (bright sunlight)
  • ND32 (ND 1.5) 3.125% transmission (very bright sunlight)
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