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Shock Mod protective lens for GoPro

Shock Mod protective lens for GoPro

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Upgrade your GoPro experience!  Protect your camera and reduce glare with the Camera Butter Shock mod GoPro replacement lens.

(now available as ND filters!)

Do you actually use your action camera for ACTION?  If so, this is the lens for you.

Made from durable aircraft aluminum and ultra tough Corning Gorilla Glass, the Shock Mod GoPro lens replacement has tabs that stick out from the top and bottom that help stop impacts from hitting the glass.  Also, the tabs act as a small lens hood to reduce sun glare.

  • Tabs protect glass from impacts
  • Less broken glass also means that the delicate internal lens is safer
  • Tabs act as a mini lens hood to reduce the amount of sun glare in your video
  • Tabs are not in the field of view and do not get in the way of your video, even in 8:7 mode
  • Coated with anti-glare coating on the inside to further reduce glare
  • Nano-coated to repel water, oils and dirt

Installs in seconds - simply remove the original lens cover with a twist and then twist on the Shock Mod!

The Shock mod is the same shape and size of the original GoPro lens (except for the tabs), making for wide compatibility:

Compatible with:

  • GoPro Hero 9, 10, Bones, 11, 11 mini, 12
  • Most cage-style mounts
  • Media mode
  • Mounts that connect to the GoPro "fingers"
  • Most TPU mounts

Not Compatible with:

  • Dive case
  • Mounts that obscure part of the lens
  • Some TPU mounts with a full lens surround

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove the existing lens/cover by twisting 90 degrees parallel with the camera.  Pulling away from the camera slightly may help.
  2. Remove the protective stickers on the front and back, and place the Shock Mod on the camera with the metal bars on the filter oriented horizontally
  3. While pushing down towards the camera, twist the filter 90 degrees until it is square on the GoPro.
  4. Make sure that it is seated correctly and is flush with the camera.   If it is crooked or can be removed easily, remove and re-install. 

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